Novel The Ice Princess Camilla Läckberg (2008)
How can a small Scandinavian coastal town become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world? Turning it into a theater of dark intrigues published in more than 50 countries. Camilla Läckberg and Fjällbacka, an inseparable couple.
Fjällbacka - Credit: Pixabay

“Fishing had been Fjällbacka’s livelihood for centuries. The unforgiving environment and the constant struggle to survive, when everything depended on whether the herring came streaming back or not, had made the people of the town strong and rugged.”

The narrator

On August 30, 1974, the small town of Fjällbacka had no idea that the young Camilla Läckberg, just born, would change its life. In this small fishing village, the future writer’s career seemed to be all mapped out. At the age of five, the young girl published her first story, already particularly dark. Entitled Santa Claus, Tomten in Swedish, this one is short but thrilling and bloody. However, for her 17th birthday, the young woman chose a more singular course of study, namely that of economist. Based in Gothenburg for her education, she moved to Stockholm to work as a product manager for Telia and Fortum, an electricity and telephone provider.

Very quickly, Camilla Läckberg gets bored. Urged on by her mother, brother and husband, she enrolled in the Writing Crime class. There she learned the tricks of the trade and the secrets of writing. Having to rely on her own memories and experiences, she takes Fjällbacka, her hometown, as the setting for her plot. This writing work is the basis of her first novel, The Ice Princess.

The queen of the Swedish detective novel thus begins her dazzling career. “I have noticed that for foreigners, Sweden is an ideal country. The idea that a crime could happen there fascinates them.” confided the author to Elle in 2010. She tells the story of how she brought Fjällbacka to the forefront, but also of how other countries’ images of Swedes are more idyllic than the reality. “These are the people [de Fjällbacka] the real Swedes. Cold looking, extremely shy, they still have in each of their pores a very hard protestant doctrine. In the past, life was difficult in Sweden, it was frowned upon to laugh, to wear anything other than black. So much so that even today it is impolite to say that you are doing well. These people have, like all of us, a relative happiness and a sometimes complicated past…”. Through her novel, and the many other adventures taking Fjällbacka as a setting, Camilla Läckberg shows another face of Scandinavian society that few know.


The Ice Princess won the Grand Prix of detective literature and the best international novel award in 2008.


Founded in the 16th century, Fjällbacka is a fishing village that today lives mainly from tourism.

Ingrid Bergman was one of its greatest admirers. The famous Swedish actress had a passion for this small coastal town and spent her summers here. With 1,000 inhabitants all year round, the quiet town became a very popular seaside resort during the vacations, bringing its population to over 20,000 souls. Its colorful houses, seaside walks, islets and the cliff on which it is built, make it a real Swedish gem.

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