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Music All I Want for Christmas Is You
When All I Want For Christmas Is You resounds on the radio, on TV or in the decorated streets, you know that Christmas is coming. The first video of Mariah Carey's phenomenon song was shot at Fairy Tales Forest in New Jersey...

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you”

Paroles de la chanson All I Want For Christmas Is You

When you hear the first notes ofAll I Want For Christmas Is You on TV, radio or streaming platforms, you know that Christmas is coming. This song is out of the ordinary in every sense of the word. A song by Mariah Carey whose first video in 1994 was shot at Fairy Tales Forest in New Jersey.

Bells, choirs and synthesizer

Mariah Carey was 25 years old when she first performed All I Want For Christmas Is You. Composed with Walter Afanasieff, this song is about the feelings that the singer has for Tommy Mottola, her husband at the time.

The singer, in this jingle, says that she does not want any particular gifts, just to be able to spend Christmas with her lover. The whole is accompanied by sounds of tinkling bells, choirs and synthesizer.

Fairy Tales Forest, a décor with a Christmas spirit

In a very danceable pop style, All I Want For Christmas Is You is a very fast success. To accompany the song, the international star decided to shoot a video in the spirit of Christmas. It is filmed in an amateur style, as with a camcorder. In the Fairy Tales Forest park, Mariah Carey has fun in the snow and even sees Santa Claus, played by her husband Tommy Mottola.

The artist confides: “I wanted to do something special and traditional for video. I already had the concept and script, all I needed was a good director. We were able to do it with Tommy as Santa and he spends most of the time with me in the snow. I really liked the way the video looked. It was really cute and sweet, and I think he easily captured the sweetness and the message.”

Cover albums, a guaranteed moneymaker

While All I Want For Christmas Is You is an original composition, albums of Christmas song covers are a real industry in the US. In addition to Mariah Carey and her Merry Christmas – which brought in 60 million dollars – the Jackson Five, Michael Bublé and Frank Sinatra have tried their hand at it.

Jingle bells or Let is Snow are standards sung many times. They are also a source of a lot of money. The Americans are fond of these albums and buy them en masse.

The multiple records of All I Want For Christmas Is You

If the video clip ofAll I Want For Christmas Is You was very watched when it was shown on TV, the song also broke many records.

Released more than 25 years ago, the song reached #1 on the Billboard charts in 2020, thanks to the broadcast of Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special on Apple+, the same year.

All I Want For Christmas Is You is the best-selling Christmas song in the world (15 million copies), the most listened to on Spotify and the most #1 ranked song in the UK.

A version with Justin Beiber in 2011, a musical, an animated film or a book that sold 750,000 copies in the United States, are the best known variations of this song.

All I Want For Christmas Is You or this irresistible desire to sing it wrong or to strangle its interpreter after the umpteenth broadcast, it leaves nobody indifferent. Like a thirst to go outside and play in the snow, like in the video of the song…

10 819 009

In December 2018, on Spotify, All I Want For Christmas Is You was streamed 10,819,009, the most listened to song on the platform over a month.

140 Oak Ridge Rd

At 140 Oak Ridge is Fairy Tales Forest, an amusement park for children.

Fairy Tales Forest is a children’s playground based on folk tales, including Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Hansel & Gretel.

It is open from Tuesday to Sunday and welcomes all families.

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