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Saga Superman
Movie Superman Richard Donner (1978)
The Daily News Building is home to the headquarters of the Daily Planet , the newspaper of Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve). Built in 1929, this huge 42-storey Art Deco building served as a strategic centre for the Daily News until 1994.
Daily Planet au Daily News Building à New York
Daily News Building à New York. Crédit photo : Fantrippers

“I want the name of this flying whatchamacallit to go with the Daily Planet like bacon and eggs, franks and beans, death and taxes, politics and corruption.”

Perry White (Jackie Cooper)

As a newcomer to the newspaper team, Clark Kent frequents the corridors of this impressive building and passes in front of the huge globe that adorns the entrance.

Jimmy Olsen (Marc McClure), Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) and Perry White (Jackie Cooper) also work between these walls. A nerve centre for the superhero’s adventures, his work as a journalist allows him to be at the heart of the news and to be present at the scene of a drama quickly and discreetly.

Scène au Daily Planet dans Superman Daily Planet at the Daily News Building in New York

An amusing anecdote, in the middle of filming the crucial scene with the helicopter, Geoffrey Unsworth, the director of photography, noticed that his projector did not sufficiently illuminate the façade of the building.

A police officer at the scene then showed him how to connect to the socket of a nearby streetlight to increase power.

At the same time, all the lights in New York went out, the famous blackout of 1977. For months, Geoffrey thought it was his fault, but in reality it was just a coincidence. He wasn’t the only one, many New Yorkers thought they were responsible for this incredible event.

To allow the editors of the Daily News to finish their editions for the next day, the film crew then lent self-powered “klieg” projectors in compensation. The others were commandeered by the police to avoid a general panic in the streets of the Big Apple.


It was in April 1940 that Superman began working for the Daily Planet in Action Comics #23.

Scene at the Daily Planet in Superman
Scene at the Daily Planet in Superman. Photo credit: Dovemead, Film Export A.G. and International Film Productions

The News Building

Icon of pop culture thanks to Richard Donner’s Superman, the News Building is also a real piece of history.

Built in 1929, this huge 42-story Art Deco building served as the strategic center for the Daily News until 1994. Its imposing ten-story base was originally designed to accommodate the printing presses.

Push open the swing doors and admire the entrance hall where a huge and beautiful rotating globe is enthroned. When the building was opened to the public, it was one of the city’s most important tourist attractions!

Its earth map is updated regularly and the clocks on the back wall show the time of different cities around the world.

On the left, a small exhibition retraces the history of the monument. Two photos of the filming of Superman are prominently displayed.

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