Cult of Âmmit

Saga Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
TV show Moon Knight (2022)
Steven (Oscar Isaac) is kidnapped by two fake policemen, taking him to the lair of the cult of Âmmit, where Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) lives.

“By the time his fist of vengeance arrives, people have already suffered. Âmmit knows this too well, she tears up from the root, casting her judgment before any evil’s done.”

Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

Kidnapped by two fake policemen, Steven (Oscar Isaac) finds himself confronted by Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). Very calmly, the latter explains that in the past he was just like Steven, the avatar of Khonsu, and that he preferred to abandon it to become that of Âmmit. To achieve this, Steven uses a golden scarab that is actually a compass to the tomb of Ammit.

Moon Knight Omnibus Vol. 1 - Marvel
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Moon Knight Omnibus Vol. 1

Discover the origins of the character created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin with this first volume of the Moon Knight Omnibus.

The members of the cult of the “devourer of the dead” meet in a housing estate located in a working class area of London. Not having shot in the Queen’s country, the production teams set up in front of the old disused Csepel Művek factory, located south of Budapest, for the outdoor scenes. The sequence where Arthur makes visit the district was filmed in the Nagykalapács utca street.

On the other hand, the building seen from the inside strongly resembles the Kiscelli Museum in Budapest.


Moon Knightis the 33rd Marvel production to take place in the MCU.

Outdoor scene at the Âmmit cult's lair in Moon Knight
Outdoor scene at the lair of the cult of Âmmit in Moon Knight – Credit: Disney + / Marvel Studio
Outdoor scene at the Âmmit cult's lair in Moon Knight
Outdoor scene at the lair of the cult of Âmmit in Moon Knight – Credit: Disney + / Marvel Studio

Csepeli Hőkezelő Kft.

Built in 1892 in Csepel, the factory originally produced ammunition. After the First World War, the factory turned to the production of machines, tools, stoves and bicycles. During the Second World War, the factory was hit many times, causing heavy damage to the production lines.
In spite of the damage, the production started up again. But following the new industrial policy of 1954, production declined sharply.

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Réplique du scarabée doré - Moon Knight - Marvel

Replica of the scarab compass - Moon Knight

Complete your Marvel collection with this replica of the scarab compass to guide you to Ammit’s tomb.

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