Novel Dieu n'est même pas mort Samuel Doux (2012)
The crematorium in Poitiers is the setting for the funeral of Elias' grandmother.
Crématorium de Poitiers
Crématorium de Poitiers - Crédit : Fantrippers

“In the parking lot of the crematorium everyone is leaving. Beatrice and her sister, their husbands, cousins announce that they will not be able to come the next day to the burial of the ashes.”

Elias Oberer (In Dieu n’est même pas mort)

After taking care of all the administrative tasks for his grandmother’s funeral, Elias went to the crematorium, rue du Souvenir in Poitiers, for the ceremony.

This period is psychologically difficult for the narrator. He has to mourn and the memories of his grandparents come back. The couple was deported to concentration camps during World War II because they were Jewish.

Samuel Doux, the novelist, uses his own childhood memories. He knows Poitiers well, having lived there since his birth. That’s why he decided to set the plot of his book in the streets of the city of Pictou.


The memorial park of the Poitiers crematorium covers an area of 4 hectares.

Rue du Souvenir

The rue du Souvenir in Poitiers houses the crematorium of the Vienne department (86).

Inaugurated in 1996, the crematorium is the only establishment of its kind in the Vienne department. The adjoining memorial park covers an area of 4 hectares. It was designed by landscape architects.

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