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Saga Batman
Comics Batman vol 1 #462 Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle (1991)
The San Francisco Comix Experience gets a nice cameo in a Batman adventure.
Comix Experience San Francisco
Comix Experience San Francisco

“Do you know the WayneTech warehouse on Brannan?”

Bruce Wayne

Investigating in San Francisco to avenge the death of his friend Rantzen, Bruce Wayne goes to a WayneTech warehouse where a container with all of Batman’s equipment is stored. The building is located in front of the famous Comix Experience store. Famous in more ways than one.

Opened in 1989, the store is a true reference in the world of American comics. And for good reason, owner Brian Hibbs is known to serve on the board of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, has been a juror for the prestigious Eisner Awards and was a founding member of Comics Pro.

In the comics, Bruce Wayne refers to Brannan Street, where many warehouses are indeed present, but points to the front of Comix Experience located on Divisadero Street.


Batman had 4 children. Two adventures, Damien Wayne with Talia al’ Ghul and Helena Wayne with Catwoman, and two adoptive, Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. Only Helena is actually from an alternative earth, Earth II.

Comix Experience dans Batman vol 1 #462
Comix Experience dans Batman vol 1 #462 – Crédit photo : DC Comics

Comix Experience

Comix Experience has been welcoming Franciscan fans of comic books and graphic novels since 1989.

In San Francisco, there is only one address to find your favorite comics, Comix Experience. Since 1989, the establishment has been offering a wide variety of graphic novels and comics.

Owner Brian Hibbs is an internationally recognized expert on comics and comic book retailing, including the author of “Tilting At Windmills,” a series that has been around for over 30 years. He has also served on the board of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, was a judge for the prestigious Eisner Awards and was one of the original founding members of Comics Pro.

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Batman's Batmobile

Batman's Batmobile

A superhero must have at least one must-have item and Batman is the one who has the most. Batarang, multi-function belt, grappling hook launcher, but also and above all the Batmobile. The ultimate superhero car, the Batmobile will allow you to sneak around Gotham at the speed of sound, minimum.

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By Damien Duarte

Monday, September 19, 2022

Passionné par la culture pop depuis son enfance, ses références vont de Donald Duck à Batman en passant par Marty McFly. Fantripper dans l'âme, voyager sur les traces de Ghostbusters, James Bond ou des héros de romans comme Cotton Malone fait partie d'un séjour idéal et réussi !

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