Chuck McGill House

TV show Better Call Saul (2015)
Chuck McGill (Michael McKean), the brother of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), is a renowned lawyer and a founding member of the HHM law firm. He suffers from a disease that makes him highly sensitive to electromagnetic waves. An affliction that has made him a recluse in his own home in Albuquerque.
1607 San Cristobald Rd SW, Albuqueruqe
1607 San Cristobald Rd SW, Albuquerque

“The law is sacred, you know that!

Chuck McGill (Michael McKean)

Once a successful lawyer, Chuck McGill (Michael McKean) is a shadow of his former self. Sensitive to electromagnetic waves, he is forced to stay in his house. His brother Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) brings him his groceries, making sure to leave his cell phone in the mailbox.

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As with most of the locations used in the series, Chuck McGill’s house is a real mansion located in Albuquerque. Perfectly in line with her appearance in the series, she nevertheless presents a major difference. The mailbox in which visitors leave their electronic items is no longer in its place. Perhaps the owners, tired of finding things in it next to their mail, decided to remove it.

Set to burn down at the end of season 3, Chuck McGill’s house was not actually on fire at all. Its residents have always seen fans come and go, eager to discover the filming locations of their favorite series.


Better Call Saul received scores ranging from 97% to 99% on the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes.

Better Call Saul Maison de Chuck
Maison de Chuck dans Better Call Saul. Tous droits réservés : AMC/Netflix

1607 San Cristobal Rd SW

This beautiful home located in the northern part of the Hunin Castle neighborhood, near the Albuquerque Country Club, sits on a 2000 m2 lot.

Built in 1976, this home has a large two-car garage, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Set in a quiet, tree-lined residential area, the home is known for being the home of the character Chuck McGill, played by Michael McKean in the series Better Call Saul.

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