Children's Hospital

Movie Morbius Daniel Espinosa (2022)
Young Michael Morbius (Charles Shotwell) is being treated in a children's hospital in Greece. Afflicted with a rare blood disease, he meets Milo (Joseph Esson), a boy with the same condition. The beginning of a beautiful friendship.
St Sophia's Cathedral
St Sophia's Cathedral by Edwardx. Wikimedia.

“We all have a monster inside us. It is up to us to control it.”

Emil Nicholas (Jared Harris)

It was out of the question for director Daniel Espinosa’s team to shoot the opening scenes of Morbius. The filmmaker having preferred to exploit the Saint Sophia Cathedral, a Greek-influenced building located in the heart of the Notting Hill district. “There happens to bea white stucco building with arched windows across the street and a cobblestone avenue with palm trees nearby as well“, explained Jonah Coombes, the location manager, to justify his choice. The filming having also exploited the surroundings of the cathedral, in particular when the young Milo (Joseph Esson) is mauled by small bullies while he tries to recover the letter left by his friend Michael (Charles Shotwell).

Although most of the action of Morbius takes place in New York, it is Manchester that we actually see on the screen. Virtually all the street scenes were produced in the Ancoats area, where several street signs, yellow cabs and storefronts were installed before shooting began.


Morbius is the eighth film of Swedish director Daniel Espinosa.

Morbius. All rights reserved: Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment.

Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Divine Wisdom (Hagia Sophia)

An architectural masterpiece, the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Divine Wisdom, also known as Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, has been home to London’s Greek Orthodox for many years.

And more exactly since its construction in 1877. Previously, the Greek Orthodox had a first church, and then met in various places. When the building of this place of worship was decided, nothing was left to chance.

Not even the price or the slightest ornament, since nearly 600 plans were made to control the costs and the work in its every detail. In a year and a half, the building was completed.

Consecrated in 1882, it has since been a refuge for all Greek Orthodox in London.

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By Gilles Rolland

Monday, April 25, 2022

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