Champ de Mars

Saga Ric Hochet
Comics Ric Hochet: B.D. meurtres Tibet and André-Paul Duchâteau (1999)
The comic book world is in turmoil! Ric Hochet pushes his investigation from Brussels to Angoulême.

“We’ll go to the ‘bubble’ on the Champ de Mars first!”

Ric Hochet

After two bombings and a murder disguised as a suicide, Ric Hochet is convinced he will find the answer to the riddle in the city of Angoulême.

Accompanied by Nadine, the journalist goes on site in the middle of the International Comics Festival. It is here that Ric Hochet is going to confront the criminal again, in the middle of a signing session in the Champ de Mars bubble, specially installed each year for the event.

The album is an opportunity for Ric Hochet to face his two creators, Tibet and André-Paul Duchâteau. This adventure is inspired by his novel, Mourir à Angoulême, published in 1990.


Ric Hochet albums have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide.

Ric Hochet comic book B.D. Meurtres
Ric Hochet comic book. Credit: Tibet, André-Paul Duchâteau and Le Lombard

Place du Champ de Mars

The Place du Champ de Mars in Angoulême is a large pedestrian square with a shopping center and various facilities.

Traditionally, during the International Comics Festival, the Champ de Mars square hosts the “Bulle”, a huge space dedicated to comics publishers.

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Intégrale Ric Hochet - Tome 16

Intégrale Ric Hochet - Tome 16

Publisher’s summary: Has our favorite detective finally found a worthy adversary? Sinister is a super-criminal who knows the Hochet family a little too well. After having made Richard, the father, disappear, he attacks Ric, whom he drags with him into the limbo of the beyond. But the corpses do not resurface one album later to attack the art market… As a bonus, our hero will have to defend the FIBD of Angoulême against a mysterious killer! So many tangled mysteries, which have made the success of “Ric Hochet” for so many years…

This book consists of the following titles:

  • «La Main de la Mort»
  • «Crime sur Internet»
  • «Le Jeu de la Potence»
  • «BD Meurtres»
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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

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