Cathedral Saint-Pierre

TV show Carmen Sandiego (2019)
At night, on the roofs of Poitiers, a very strange silhouette observes the cathedral Saint-Pierre. What mischief is she about to commit?
Cathedral Saint-Pierre Poitiers
Cathedral Saint-Pierre Poitiers - Photo credit: Fantrippers

“On top of the world. I can see Cathedral Saint-Pierre from here.”

Carmen Sandiego

Armed with gadgets and an accomplice who is a computer hacker, Carmen Sandiego goes to Poitiers to steal the Eye of Vishnu. In addition to the pedestrian streets, the woman in the red coat observes Cathedral Saint-Pierre for a few moments from the roofs of the city.

Particularly noteworthy is that the series locates the city of Poitiers and the building particularly well on the map that Player displays on his screen. The Poitevins have very well recognized the place of worship which can be spotted from afar.

Created for educational purposes, Carmen Sandiego allows youngsters to discover the world and its wonders thanks to her burglaries carried out with the laudable aim of thwarting the plans of the criminal organization V.I.L.E. Thus, children can have fun placing Poitiers on a map of France, discovering the history of Cathedral Saint-Pierre or naming the museums likely to host the famous diamond that the thief came to steal.


The first game featuring Carmen Sandiego was published in 1985 under the title Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Scene at the Cathedral Saint-Pierre Poitiers in Carmen Sandiego
Scene in the Cathedral Saint-Pierre de Poitiers in Carmen Sandiego. Photo credit: Netflix

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Poitiers

Built from 1160 on the initiative of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II Plantagenet, the cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Poitiers is a real architectural jewel.

Seat of the archdiocese of Poitiers, the cathedral was built on the ruins of another place of worship. Little information is available about this first construction.

The second was much better documented. Financed by the parish and by Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II Plantagenet, the construction of cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Poitiers was a long process. Nearly two centuries were necessary before it was finally consecrated.

Plundered, burned, hit by cannonballs or struck by lightning, the solid building has struggled through time. In 1912, Pope Pius X even granted it the title of minor basilica.

The cathedral is also known for its incredible stained glass windows dating from the 12th and 13th centuries, among the most beautiful in western France. Some murals from the same period remain, as well as stalls, those characteristic rows of wooden seats, among the oldest in the country.

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