Movie The Fabelmans Steven Spielberg (2022)
The Fabelman family is camping in an Arizona forest. The opportunity for Sam Fabelman (Gabriel LaBelle) to shoot a little souvenir film with his camera. This scene, very important because rich in revelations, was produced from the Golden Oak Ranch in California.
Golden Oak Ranch
Golden Oak Ranch by Coolcaesar. Wikimedia.

In this family, it’s the scientists versus the artists. Sammy’s on my team, he takes after me, except he’s got real talent.

Mitzi Fabelman (Michelle Williams)

Once again, Steven Spielberg used a location in California, close to Universal Studios where he is based, to recreate an Arizona forest. For this, he took his actors to the Golden Oak Ranch, a very cinematic place where he could work in total freedom.

Two masters at work

Steven Spielberg was keen to work again with director of photography Janusz Kaminski. For the camping scene, he was able to set up an installation as simple as ambitious to create an almost supernatural light. The sequence in which Michelle Williams dances in front of the other actors, illuminated by the headlights of a car representing the climax of the whole scene. A brilliant proof of Janusz Kaminski’s talent.

A star is born

Noticed in Once Apon a Time… in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino, appearing in the credits of The Gray Man by the Russo brothers, the young American actress Julia Butters plays a sister of Steven Spieberg in The Fabelmans. The actress confided in Who What Wear magazine about her collaboration with E.T.’s dad: “I really learned a lot on the set. I got to see how Steven Spielberg works and frames his shots and I got to enjoy the way he talks and is friendly with absolutely everyone. (…) I think it’s so inspiring. Growing up as an awkward teenager in the middle of such an industry is really crazy and Steven helped me deal with it all.


The Falbelmans is the sixth feature film starring Julia Butters.

The Fabelmans dance
The Fablemans. Michelle WIlliams. All rights reserved: Amblin Entertainment/Amblin Partners
The Fabelmans camping
The Fabelmans camping scene. All rights reserved: Amblin Entertainment/Amblin Partners

Golden Oak Ranch

Opened in 1959, Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch is a privileged film location due to its size, diversity and location.

Inaccessible to visitors, Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch covers 360 hectares. It was purchased by Walt Disney in 1959 to host numerous film shoots.

Ranch, false downtown, residential complex, studios and sheds make up the gigantic site where many productions were shot.

In 2017, a fire destroyed several buildings and a large part of the plot.

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