Café Chez Francine

Movie My Afternoons with Margueritte (2010)
The café Le Français in Pons is the setting for the café Chez Francine, a place of conviviality by the singer-actress Maurane.
Le Français Pons
Le Français Pons - Crédit photo : Fantrippers

“- Oriente Maupassant? 1,2,3,4,5. Oriente? Ben guide! Guide Maupassant. You wouldn’t have found this, would you, there’s no risk? Guide Maupassant.

– What? Yes, it is! Guide Maupassant, I know, it’s like the Michelin guide.

– Oh no! The Guide Maupassant, no but it’s big ! The Guide Maupassant like the Michelin guide. Oh the beret, the beret.”

Landremont (Patrick Bouchitey) and Germain (Gérard Depardieu)

Germain likes to spend long hours at Chez Francine, a café, where he drinks cannons and plays cards with his friends. In the feature film, this place of conviviality is visible several times. In addition to the crossword scene where the garage owner Landremont finds the pun with the famous novelist Guy de Maupassant, it is here that Germain consoles his friend Francine (Maurane) when Youcef, her companion, decides to leave her for Stephanie, the nurse.

It is the café Le Français in Pons that was used by Jean Becker for the needs of his film. A little modified at the level of the decoration, it allows nevertheless the visitors to recognize this business held by Maurane in the feature film, in front of the famous quadrangular keep of 30 m of the city of Pons.


La tête en friche is the fourth film in which the Belgian singer Maurane plays. Two more will follow before his passing in 2018.

La tête en friche by Jean Becker (DD Productions)
La tête en friche by Jean Becker (DD Productions)
La tête en friche by Jean Becker (DD Productions)
La tête en friche by Jean Becker (DD Productions)

Le Français

The café Le Français is located in the city of Pons in Charente-Maritime.

With its large white facade, the café Le Français stands on the Place de la République in the city center of Pons.

It is located not far from the medieval keep of the city of Pons. While following the seasons, its menu made of French cuisine dishes includes prices ranging from 9 to 24 euros.

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