Bust of Gilbert Bécaud

Music Moi, je veux chanter Gilbert Bécaud (album - 1980)
Like everyone else, "Mr. 100,000 volts" aka Gilbert Bécaud needs to rest. And it is in the Vienne that the singer finds satisfaction.
Buste de Gilbert Bécaud La Bussière
Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Inventaire général du patrimoine culturel. T. Allard, 2018.

“I ate life every moment”

Gilbert Bécaud

In 1975, Gilbert Bécaud is a complete artist. He ignites the crowds with his songs like Mes mains, Et maintenant or Nathalie. Unleashed fans damaged rooms, many pianos passed from life to death in his hands, his songs were covered by the greatest like James Brown, Elvis Presley or Bob Dylan. But this frantic life is a façade. In reality, the artist often longs for quietude.

After a long stay in Le Chesnay in the Yvelines, then in Puteaux in the France Tower where Gilbert Bécaud had made himself noticed by having a piano delivered more than forty stories high by means of a crane, he settled with his wife Cathryn Lee St. John “Kitty” and his children in the Vienne. His wife having fallen in love with La Bussière and in particular with the domain La Michetterie.

At first, the family lives in caravans on the land where a splendid house is built. A very different way of life, but one that makes everyone happy. In addition to the house, Gilbert Bécaud had a cottage built as he had in the Yvelines. He can only compose in these cabins, closer to nature and more conducive to inspiration. It is notably between these walls that he composes many of his creations, including the album Moi, je veux chanter.

To this day, Kitty and one of the couple’s daughters, Emily, live in the family home. La Bussière, for its part, paid tribute to its most famous inhabitant after his death in 2001. The main square of the village was renamed after the artist and a bust was erected in 2008, reminding us that what is important for Gilbert Bécaud is the country setting and the serenity.


Gilbert Bécaud’s musical career spans 54 years.

Bust of Gilbert Bécaud

Located on the square bearing the name of the artist, the bust of Gilbert Bécaud was inaugurated in 2008 in La Bussière.

To pay tribute to the world-famous artist who lived in La Bussière for more than 25 years, the town inaugurated a bust of Gilbert Bécaud. Sculpted by Jean-Marc de Pas in 2008, the sculpture was unveiled by Mayor Jean Roquet, Senator Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Kitty Bécaud, Gilbert’s wife, and three of his daughters, Anne, Jennifer and Noï.

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