Bridge of the island of Ré

Movie Ma famille t'adore déjà Alan Corno and Jérôme Commandeur (2016)
Just arrived in La Rochelle, the little Periné family gets into the car to cross the bridge of the island of Ré, direction the family house.
Bridge of the island of Ré
Bridge of the island of Ré - Credit: pixabay

“- Oh fuck, a double pedal

– Oh yes, my mechanic installed it for me. It allows me to take little naps, while watching the lady”.

The gendarme (Patrick Brossard) and Jean-Sébastien (Jérôme Commandeur)

Just arrived in La Rochelle to meet the Périné family, Éva (Déborah François) and her future fiancé Julien (Arthur Dupont) are forced to get into the trunk of her brother’s family car due to lack of space.

Arriving at the bridge of the island of Ré, Jean-Sébastien (Jérôme Commandeur) takes the head with the cashier of the toll (Valérie Vogt). It is then that we discover that the car is equipped with a double pedal, allowing Jean-Sébastien, simple passenger, to be able to reverse at the tollgate in order to insult the woman. Noticing the back and forth of the vehicle, the family was stopped by the police (Patrick Brossard, Marie Derache and Tom Villa) who ticketed them.

Dany Boon was supposed to be in the cast of Ma famille t’adore déjà Due to a scheduling incompatibility, the actor will only act as a producer, leaving Jérôme Commandeur almost total freedom. What the actor confided to AlloCiné.


Jean-Sébastian has to pay a fine of 425 € for having installed a double pedal in his car.

Scene at the bridge of the island of Ré in Ma famille t'adore déjà
Scene at the bridge of the island of Ré in Ma famille t’adore déjà – Credit: Artémis Productions, HBB 26, Pathé and ARTEBIS Sprl
Scene at the bridge of the island of Ré in Ma famille t'adore déjà
Scene at the bridge of the island of Ré in Ma famille t’adore déjà – Credit: Artémis Productions, HBB 26, Pathé and ARTEBIS Sprl

Pont De Re

The Ré island bridge is the second longest bridge in France, linking Ile de Ré to Rivedoux-Plage, in Charente-Maritime departement.

Opened to traffic on May 19, 1988, the Ré island bridge is 2,926.5 meters long. The second longest bridge in France after the Saint-Nazaire bridge, the Ré island bridge is made up of 6 separate viaducts linked together by roadway joints. It has the particularity to be curved with a radius of 5000 meters and has a bell shape allowing the passage of warships.
The toll at the entrance of the bridge was originally installed to reimburse the costs of the bridge. Since 2012, following the end of the reimbursement, the people of Rete have asked that the toll not be removed to avoid an even greater influx of vehicles. Today, the toll helps finance the maintenance of the bridge, the development of public transportation on the island and a contribution to the protection of the island’s natural areas.

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