Boys' hideout

TV show The Boys (2019)
Accused of terrorism, the Boys are forced to hide in the back room of a second-hand buyer/reseller.
Cash Inverters Boutique, York, Toronto
Cash Inverters Boutique, York, Toronto - Credit: Google Street View

“We’re the most wanted lads in the country.”

Butcher (Karl Urban)

Following the events of the first season of The Boys, Butcher (Karl Urban), Hughie (Jack Quaid), Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso), Frenchie (Tomer Kapon) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) are actively sought by the government and Vought.

The Boys are forced to live hidden from society, but wishing to continue their fight against Vought and the Seven, they decide to set up store in the back room of a used goods buyer/retailer.

The gang is not alone in the hideout since a drug trafficking business is also installed there.

The store does exist, but in Toronto, not in New York. Today named Cash Inverters, this store is a real buyer and seller of second hand products.

In the series, Hughie is presented as a loser character still living with his father who is played by Simon Pegg. The fact that the British actor plays the father is not a coincidence. In the original comic book, the features of the character of Hughie are those of Simon Pegg. The designer Darick Robertson decided to give him this look without asking the actor. Nevertheless Simon Pegg was in no way embarrassed and is even rather flattered. Afterwards, the creators of the series wanted to create a custom-made role to honor him.


Season 2 of The Boys was the first non-Netflix series to enter the top 10 most watched series in the US.

Scene in the safe house in the series The Boys
Scene in the safe house in The Boys – Credit: Amazon Studios, Original Film, Point Grey Pictures and Sony Pictures Television
Scene in the safe house in the series The Boys
Scene in the safe house in The Boys – Credit: Amazon Studios, Original Film, Point Grey Pictures and Sony Pictures Television

Cash Inverters

Cash Inverters is a used goods buying and selling store in the York area of the city of Toronto.

An essential place for collectors, Cash Inverters offers to buy and sell cheap and hard to find products. Video games, electronics, jewelry… everyone finds something to their liking.
A veritable gold mine of pop culture items, the store is also known as the hideout of the irreverent Boys in the series of the same name.

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