Bowling in La Rochelle

Movie Irréprochable Sébastien Marnier (2016)
Decided to go out, Philippe (Jérémie Elkaïm) takes Constance (Marina Foïs) to a bowling alley in La Rochelle.
Bowling de La Rochelle
Bowling de La Rochelle - Crédit photo : Fantrippers

“I’m good here! A dinner at the bowling alley, a good hamburger with cold fries. Oh no that’s it I’m back to being a good pequenaud.”

Constance (Marina Foïs)

Jealous that a young woman has obtained the job she covets, Constance (Marina Foïs) decides to do everything in her power to get Audrey (Joséphine Japy) out of the way and get the job back. To do this, she collects as much information as possible about her rival. It is then that the agency’s collaborator, Philippe (Jérémie Elkaïm), proposes to Constance to take her bowling. During their meal, Constance asks him about Audrey. To no avail.

The title of the film Faultless refers to the character of Constance who “never questions itself. [Constance] is never premeditated, on the contrary, it is permanently in the emotion, she is extremely impulsive, she is a war machine which rushes straight ahead without asking itself questions, without considering the consequences of its acts” , indicates the director Sébastien Marnier.


Faultless is the first film of director Sébastien Marnier. Prior to directing, he published three novels and wrote the Marianne James show “Miss Carpenter”.

Scène au Bowling La Rochelle dans Irréprochable
Scene at the Bowling La Rochelle in Faultless – Memento Films Distribution and WT Films
Scene in Bowling La Rochelle in Faultless
Scene at the Bowling La Rochelle in Faultless – Memento Films Distribution and WT Films

Bowling de La Rochelle

Bowling la Rochelle is an 18-lane bowling alley located in the Minimes district.

Bowling, billiards, table soccer, arcade games and virtual reality: Bowling La Rochelle is a meeting place for the people of La Rochelle. With more than 300 members, Bowling La Rochelle is recognized as the largest bowling club in France.

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