Bojo Mambo's Seafood Co.

Movie Don't Look Up Adam McKay (2021)
As a life-threatening asteroid hurtles toward Earth, scientists Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio), Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) and Clayton Oglethorpe (Rob Morgan) strategize at Bojo Mambo's Seafood Co.
Howl at the Moon Boston
Howl at the Moon Boston - Google Street View

I have a scoop for you: it’s been the worst disaster for a long time!

Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence)

The script of Don’t Look Up contains several scenes that are supposed to take place within New York City. When production began, however, director Adam McKay turned to Boston to “build” his version of the Big Apple. Like many other cities in the United States and Canada, Boston offers certain advantages to film studios. And it is precisely in Downtown Boston, in the heart of the financial district, that the film crew sets up its cameras.

One place in particular is being exploited, namely the superb Howl at the Moon restaurant on High Street. While it remains easily recognizable on screen, the establishment is almost completely remodeled, becoming for the purposes of the story Bojo Mambo’s Seafood Co, a sort of thinly disguised variation of Bubba Gump, the chain of restaurants inspired by the movie Forrest Gump. With its sign depicting the logo, a small and friendly octopus, in place of Bubba Gump’s shrimp, Bojo Mambo’s Seafood Co. takes center stage in an impressive sequence. It is here, in the heart of sets loaded with fishing nets and other vintage accessories related to the ocean, that a riot begins, when Jennifer Lawrence’s character decides to announce to the customers that humanity will soon be extinguished.

It’s hard to know why Adam McKay wanted to reference Bubba Gump in his satirical film. One thing is for sure, it is indeed the case as the logo, the decoration and the color code of the establishment refer to the restaurants named after Bubba Gump, the shrimp company that Forrest Gump creates in the Robert Zemeckis film. Did you know that it was in a Bubba Gump that Chris Pratt got noticed while he was working as a waiter?


Don’t Look Up is Adam McKay’s eighth feature film.

Don't Look Up Bojo Mambo's
Don’t Look Up Bojo Mambo’s. All rights reserved: Hyperobject Industries/Netflix.
Don't Look Up at Bojo Mambo's
Don’t Look Up Bojo Mambo’s. All rights reserved: Hyperobject Industries/Netflix.
Don't Look Up scene from Bojo Mambo's Seafood
Don’t Look Up Bojo Mambo’s. All rights reserved: Hyperobject Industries/Netflix.

Howl at the Moon Boston

A must-see music bar in Boston’s Financial District, Howl at the Moon is a true nightlife institution.

There are several Howl at the Moon in the United States, but the one in Boston, with its beautiful storefront and its cozy and festive decor, is one of the most beautiful. A place as famous for the quality of its musical program and for the numerous events offered all year long as for its cocktails and other specialties to drink or eat.

Its location makes it a must for all employees of the financial district. A district where many of the top companies have their offices. It is also possible to admire some of Boston’s most spectacular monuments, such as 125 High Street and the Old State House.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

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