Bois de Vincennes

TV show The Visitor from the Future François Descraques,Raphaël Descraques and Florent Dorin (2009)
Raph (Raphaël Descraques) and his friends Tim (Théo Noël) and Léo (Luy Ménager) are hanging out in the bois de Vincennes when they meet a strange character.
Bois de Vincennes
Bois de Vincennes - crédit : Maxime Lathuilière, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

“This is what’s going to happen.”

The Visitor (Florent Dorin)

Creating a science fiction series on a small budget is very difficult. However, François Descraques and his band took up the challenge in 2009 by giving birth to The Visitor from the future.

The origin of the Visitor

Raph (Raphaël Descraques) is an ordinary young man with no real history. In 2009, while strolling in the bois de Vincennes with his friends Tim and Léo (Théo Noël and Luy Ménager), Raph has the idea to throw his can in a trash can. A bloody man (Florent Dorin) claiming to come from the future then appears. He explains to Raph that these harmless gestures will have a destructive impact in the future.

Small Budget

Rather than showing the future, it is here the future that comes to us through the visit of an atypical character. Originally consisting of a few videos made for fun, the Visitor quickly found its audience, motivating François Descraques to develop his universe.

Self-produced for the first and second season, the series motivated the band of friends to use François’ apartment and its surroundings as a shooting location. The kitchen, the living room and even the cellar of his apartment are used as the main sets (the cellar having been used for the sets of the “future”). Moreover, since he lives near the Bois de Vincennes, François Descraques chose to locate the first meeting between Raph and the Visitor there.


The Visitor from the Future arrives straight from Paris in the year 2550.

Extrait du premier épisode du Visiteur du Futur
Extrait du premier épisode du Visiteur du Futur – Crédit : Crédit : Frenchnerd
Extrait du premier épisode du Visiteur du Futur
Extrait du premier épisode du Visiteur du Futur – Crédit : Crédit : Frenchnerd

Bois de Vincennes

Located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, the Bois de Vincennes is the largest green space in the capital.

Covering an area of 995 hectares, this mainly wooded green space has four lakes connected by an underground hydraulic system. It is a privileged place for sportsmen and families with notably the fair of the Throne which is installed there.

Many activities are available in the woods such as mini-golf, ping-pong, walks, cycling and even boating on one of the lakes.

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