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Movie Serial (Bad) Weddings 3 Philippe de Chauveron (2022)
Charles (Noom Diawara) is hired to play the role of Jesus in a play at the Théâtre de Blossac in Châtellerault.
Théâtre Blossac Chatellerault, Credit Thomas Jelinek-Agence Zebrelle (9)
Théâtre Blossac Chatellerault, Credit Thomas Jelinek-Agence Zebrelle (9)

“- Remember to book your evening on June 17.

– What happens on June 17?

– I will play Jesus

– Well Jesus he wasn’t…”

Charles (Noom Diawara) talking to Claude (Christian Clavier)

Seeing that his daughters and their sons-in-law want to go abroad, Claude (Christian Clavier) does everything to keep them in France. He then asked the theater’s casting director to look for a black actor, which resulted in Charles (Noom Diawara) getting the role.

The actor plays Jesus in the play Jesus of Nazareth. Its first performance took place in a magnificent Italian-style theater, the Blossac Theater in Châtellerault. Three scenes of the film are shot in the place. Two scenes of rehearsals of the play and the sequence of the show, where the whole family is invited.

Philippe de Chauveron was looking for an Italian-style theater near Chinon. He then remembers friends who came to shoot the film André le magnifique, 20 years ago, in the Blossac theater. They had told him: “There is a very nice theater in Châtellerault”. Discovering this very nice cultural place of human size, the director fell under its charm.


Châtellerault is the city where the first opus of Serial (Bad) Weddingswas shown the longest in comparison to other cities in France.

Théâtre Blossac

The Blossac theater is an Italian style theater. It is a flagship of the artistic and cultural life in Châtellerault.

Built in the middle of the 19th century in a former church, the Blossac theater in Châtellerault has a horseshoe-shaped auditorium that has remained almost unchanged since its decoration in 1899. Its stage is equipped with Italian machinery, making it almost unique in France with the Marie-Antoinette theater in Versailles.

In 1977, the theater is forced to close its doors. Between 2011 and 2013, it underwent a major restoration. Today it is a true place of heritage with its Italian machinery, as well as a place of artistic creation.

It is possible to visit the theater, as well as to attend performances of seated shows. With its 340 seats, the theater regularly hosts performances.

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