Bishop Family Penthouse

Saga Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
TV show Hawkeye (2021)
As a child, Kate Bishop (Clara Stack) watches the Battle of New York from her parents' penthouse.
480 Park Avenue New York
480 Park Avenue, New York - Credit: Reading Tom on Flickr

“Is Daddy okay?”

Kate as a child (Clara Stack) during the battle of New York

The Bishop family lives in a beautiful penthouse on Park Avenue in New York City. But not far away, Loki and his Chitauri army attack New York. Kate (Clara Stack) discovers, all scared, the threat. A chitauri takes the opportunity to attack him. That was without counting Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). He then shoots an explosive arrow at the monster. During this bloody battle, Kate’s father is killed.

Twelve years later, in the year 2024, Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) has become a very talented young archer. Back from school for the Christmas holidays, she visits her mother (Vera Farmiga). There she meets her new father-in-law (Tony Dalton).

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Vera Farmiga, who plays Eleanor Bishop, revealed that she is a true archaeologist. One of the main reasons that made the actress accept the role. Regarding the other actors in their practice of archery, Hailee Steinfeld revealed that she tried to learn to shoot with a bow without really succeeding. In truth, Jeremy Renne admitted that no arrows were fired during the combat sequences. Everything was digitally integrated in post-production.


The series Hawkeye was first announced at the 2019 San Diego International Comic-Con.

Scene at the Bishop family penthouse in Hawkeye
Scene at the Bishop family penthouse in Hawkeye – Credit: Marvel Studios
Scene at the Bishop family penthouse in Hawkeye
Scene at the Bishop family penthouse in Hawkeye – Credit: Marvel Studios

480 Park Ave

The building located at 480 Park Avenue is a residence with 134 apartments.

Designed by Emery Roth in 1929, 480 Park Avenue is a prestigious 21-story residence located in the heart of Manhattan, central to the city’s best shopping, dining and cultural attractions. A full-time doorman and concierge are employed. In addition to the 134 apartments, the building has a gym, rooftop and laundry room.

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