Movie Uncharted Ruben Fleischer (2022)
Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) go to Augustine's, a prestigious New York auction house, to steal a crucifix that belonged to Magellan. A precious artifact also coveted by Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas).
Deutsche_Telekom_Hauptstadtrepräsentanz by Ricostorch. Wikimedia.

“Five hundred years ago, my family discovered a treasure, only to be betrayed. So many deaths since.”

Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas)

Contrary to appearances, the shooting of Uncharted did not really stop in New York. Once quite accessible, the Big Apple now imposes high taxes, encouraging some studios to relocate to Canada or Europe. Including productions like Uncharted. Here, it is Berlin that we find in the role of New York. The Augustine Auction House, in which one of the first action scenes of the film takes place, is actually the office building of a telecom company. Director Ruben Fleischer and his team took advantage of the building’s very contemporary architecture to create this perfectly convincing illusion. The digital effects did the rest. Shephed Frankel said of this location, “When I first walked in, I thought this atrium told our story. It defines the theme of the film. The Old World meets the New World.

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In the German capital, the teams also set up shop at the legendary Babelberg studio in Potsdam, where films such as Metropolis and Hunger Games were once shot. It is here, in these gigantic installations that the craftsmen were able to build many sets such as the catacombs supposed to be in Barcelona and the treasure room where Nathan Drake finds the galleons of Magellan.


Tom Holland was not the first choice to play Nathan Drake. At the beginning of the project, Nathan Filion was strongly considered.

Augustine Uncharted
Augustine. Tous droits réservés : Atlas Entertainment/Avi Arad Productions/PlayStatiion Productions/Columbia Pictures.

Deutsche Telekom AG

Located in the center of Berlin, this modern building with an impressive glass façade houses the headquarters of a German telecom company.

Not far from the banks of the Kupfegraben river, a few blocks from the Brandenburg Gate, this contemporary building does not go unnoticed. As if set in the middle of a more traditional decor, it embodies Berlin’s desire to project itself into the future. A building that has set the tone for an entire block that is currently being renovated and cannot be visited. The Deutsche Telekom Hauptstadtrepräsentanz also stands out with its older part and stands out as a hybrid monument in the heart of a city in constant motion.

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By Gilles Rolland

Friday, February 18, 2022

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