ASK agency

TV show Call My Agent (2015)
The mythical ASK agency is located at 149 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. A legendary place frequented by legends.
149 rue Saint-Honoré Paris
149 rue Saint-Honoré Paris. (Crédit photo : Fantrippers)

“Cécile de France too old for a role? What’s the role, a child?”

Arlette (Liliane Rovère)

Samuel Kerr (Alain Rimoux) founded it, the other agents keep it alive. The ASK agency, in which big stars such as Cécile de France, Line Renaud, Julien Doré or Christophe Lambert have walked the halls, survives despite multiple hostile takeover attempts by other agencies.

The incredible offices enjoy a sensational location. Rue Saint-Honoré, in the heart of Paris, just a stone’s throw from the Louvre. We see them from the outside for the first time in the very first episode of the series, when the boss and founder goes on vacation.


Originally, Call my agent was to be called 10, avenue George-V, in reference to the former premises of the famous Artmedia agency. However, since this title would not appeal to the general public, it was decided to name the series after the amount of money that the agent receives from the artists he handles.

Scène à l'agence ASK dans Dix pour cent
Scène à l’agence ASK dans Dix pour cent. Crédit photo : France 2
Scène à l'agence ASK dans Dix pour cent
Scène à l’agence ASK dans Dix pour cent. Crédit photo : France 2

149 Rue Saint-Honoré

Mainly occupied by companies, 149 rue Saint-Honoré is a Parisian building located near the Louvre.

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Dix pour cent. Les dessous d'une série sur le cinéma (French Edition)

Discover the behind-the-scenes of the hit TV show Call my Agent with this book by Guillaume Evin, which tells the story behind the scenes in drawings and photos of the show, largely inspired by the memories of Dominique Besnehard, the most famous ex-star agent in France.

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