Anet Castle

Saga James Bond
Movie Thunderball Terence Young (1965)
After the funeral of Colonel Bouvard (Bob Simmons), James Bond (Sean Connery) follows his widow to Anet Castle.
Château d'Anet France
Château d'Anet France. (Photo credit: Elliott Brown on Flickr)

“- No well-dressed man should be without one.

– Yes, very practical.”

James Bond and Miss LaPorte (Maryse Guy Mitsouko)

Agent 007 has a head start on the grieving lady and waits for her in the large living room in front of the fire to offer her condolences.

But very quickly, James Bond unleashes a formidable punch on the widow who goes over on a table just behind.

James Bond did not lose his head, quite the contrary, he guessed that it was in fact Colonel Bouvard in disguise. He made the mistake of opening the door himself when he left the ceremony.

Not one, not two, a fight breaks out between the two men that ends badly for Colonel Bouvard. Shortly afterwards, the criminal’s bodyguards try to chase Bond as he flees the building’s compound with a jetpack.

They try to chase the secret agent out of the building, but to no avail because, using his Q-modified Aston Martin, he manages to fend them off and escape to new adventures.

For the anecdote, the actor playing the role of Colonel Bouvard is Bob Simmons, Sean Connery’s stunt double.

In the three previous films about the adventures of 007, it was Bob Simmons who was seen in the famous opening credits of the saga, the famous “gun barrel“.

Thunderball is the first film in which Sean Connery takes over the reins of this cult sequence. Thus the murder of Jacques Bouvard, alias Bob Simmons, whose initials are the same as those of the secret agent, is a symbolic way of bringing Sean Connery back to the forefront.

Another anecdote, an inhabitant of Anet, Michel Ducellier, who was 16 at the time of the shooting, remembered some important facts during an interview with the newspaper Paris Normandie.

As for the jet of water that cooled the assailants somewhat at the end of the scene, the pensioner said that “it was actually a fire hose under the vehicle, which cleverly hid the fire hydrant at the corner of the wasteland.

Even more fun, during the flight of the jetpack, several shots were necessary. In particular, one particularly striking one. “There’s a story going around here. When the stuntman tried to jump, he landed in a nearby garden. Addressing the witness to the failed jump, he said, “I James Bond.” And the landlady, not giving up, said “I Raymonde and you’re in my house!”.


The number of seconds the jetpack used by James Bond can fly in reality. This model was designed and loaned by Bell Aerosystems and was normally intended for use by US Air Force infantrymen.

Scene at Anet's castle in Thunderball
Scene at Anet’s castle in Thunderball (Photo credit: EON Productions)
Scene at Anet's castle in Thunderball
Scene at Anet’s castle in Thunderball (Photo credit: EON Productions)
Scene at Anet's castle in Thunderball
Scene at Anet’s castle in Thunderball (Photo credit: EON Productions)
Scene at Anet's castle in Thunderball
Scene at Anet’s castle in Thunderball (Photo credit: EON Productions)

Château d'Anet

Built in 1548 for Diane de Poitiers, the current castle of Anet is however not the first one.

Indeed, Anet had another castle before.

Built in the 12th century as we imagine castles today, with four towers and an imposing round keep, it was used by Philippe Auguste and Charles the Bad.

Dismantled in 1378, the new castle was completed in 1548 for Diane de Poitiers, favorite of King Henry II, who died in 1566. A chapel was erected in her honor by her daughter, Louise de Brézé.

The French Revolution destroyed many of its buildings, including the central main building and part of the right wing.

Restored from the 1840s, only the foundations of a tower, steps and cellars remain of the building today, in the current outbuildings, behind the old stables.

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