Abysséa Pool

Movie Voir le jour Marion Laine (2020)
Zoé (Lucie Fagedet) goes to the 20-meter diving pit of Abysséa to do a snorkeling session.
Piscine Abysséa Civaux
Piscine Abysséa Civaux - Crédit photo : Abysséa

“- We’re still understaffed and you don’t care about that.

– I understand that you are not a union member. You always stayed away, so keep it that way it’s better.

– I don’t think so!”

Jeanne (Sandrine Bonnaire) and Dr. Mille (Stéphane Debac)

Jeanne (Sandrine Bonnaire) is a nurse in a maternity hospital in Marseille. But due to lack of manpower, supported by her colleagues, she decides to go on strike. The days are not easy in the hospital. Especially since at home, with the departure of her daughter, Zoé (Lucie Fagedet), for Paris, where she is to begin her studies, the atmosphere is not really festive. We find Jeanne’s daughter in a diving session at the Abysséa swimming pool in Civaux, Vienne.

Into the World is a feature film by Marion Laine in theaters in 2020. It is loosely adapted from Room 2, a 2013 book by Julie Bonnie, a maternity ward aide, published by Belfond. The director had previously directed Sandrine in the film Un coeur simple and the TV movie Ce soir-là et les jours d’après. The filmmaker knows a little about the hospital environment having worked there for a summer when she was younger.


The diving pit of the Abbysséa complex is 20 meters deep.

Into the World by Marion Laine (Apsara Films)
Into the World by Marion Laine (Apsara Films)


Abysséa is an aquatic complex located in Civaux in the Vienne (86).

30 minutes south-east of Poitiers, not far from the EDF power station, is the Abysséa aquatic center.

It houses a bowling alley, a swimming pool with a 25 m sports pool, balneo-ludic pools, slides, paddling pools, a solarium, a sauna, a hammam, a spa, a playground and a 20 m deep diving pit.

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Thursday, March 10, 2022

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