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Movie The Wannabes Jonathan Barré (2022)
Thinking they can pay off their debts, Daniel (Grégoire Ludig) and Stéphane (David Marsais) decide to participate in game shows. So they go to the 106 prod TV studio to pass the casting of the "Prix à tout prix".
Espace Encan
Espace Encan - Credit: William Chevillon on flickr

“Oh fuck, there’s Fred Costa.”

Daniel (Grégoire Ludig)

Ready to do anything to pay off his debts, Daniel (Grégoire Ludig) decides to get his colleague Stéphane (David Marsais) to participate in the game “Prix à tout prix”. Both selected, Daniel takes his colleague by force to the 106 PROD TV studio. They meet Blaise Petit (Julien Pestel), a producer wishing to make ratings, seeing the naive potential of these two atypical guys.

The studio hosts the filming of several programs caricaturing cult programs of the audiovisual landscape. One can easily recognize “Le Juste Prix”, “N’oubliez pas les paroles!”, “Les 12 coups de midi” and “Ninja Warrior”. The Palmashow even goes as far as to parody reality TV with its “Villa des Confidences”, as well as French police series with its “Alex Martini”.

In fact, the film team set up shop at the Espace Encan in La Rochelle to build the sets for its programs.

Looking for an idea for their second film, Jonathan Barré searched his computer. “I keep bits and pieces of ideas that can be used at some point, and I came across this guy who memorizes the prices of appliances in the United States. The boys were immediately excited! It was a totally absurd idea, belonging to a parallel universe, that got them excited.”

100 000

If the candidates of the “Prix à tout prix” win the showcase, they win 100 000 €. A nice amount of money motivating Daniel to participate to pay back his debts.

Scene at the Encan space in Les Vedettes
Scene at the Encan space in Les Vedettes – Credit: Gaumont, Légende Films
Scene at the Encan space in Les Vedettes
Scene at the Encan space in Les Vedettes – Credit: Gaumont, Légende Films

Espace Encan

The Encan space in La Rochelle is an exhibition hall hosting many events in La Rochelle.

Formerly a fishing hall, the Encan is now an important place for tourism in La Rochelle.

With its 3000 m2 modular hall, its 800-seat amphitheater and its 10 committee rooms, the Encan space is a privileged place for many exhibitors.

Its modular hall has no posts to facilitate access and transformations. It is sheltered by a glass vault, which can be closed off, and opens onto the quays of the Bassin des Grands Yachts.

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