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    Intégrale Ric Hochet - Tome 16

    Intégrale Ric Hochet - Tome 16

    Publisher’s summary: Has our favorite detective finally found a worthy adversary? Sinister is a super-criminal who knows the Hochet family a little too well. After having made Richard, the father, disappear, he attacks Ric, whom he drags with him into the limbo of the beyond. But the corpses do not resurface one album later to attack the art market… As a bonus, our hero will have to defend the FIBD of Angoulême against a mysterious killer! So many tangled mysteries, which have made the success of “Ric Hochet” for so many years…

    This book consists of the following titles:

    • «La Main de la Mort»
    • «Crime sur Internet»
    • «Le Jeu de la Potence»
    • «BD Meurtres»
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