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Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï (BD)

Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï (comic) - French edition

A comic book author, while shopping, realizes that he doesn’t have his loyalty card on him. The cashier calls the security guard, but when he arrives, the author threatens him and manages to escape. The police are alerted and a merciless hunt begins, with the fugitive hitchhiking across the region, beating the countryside, torn between remorse and existential questions. Soon enough, the media gets hold of the case and the country is in an uproar. The story of the fugitive is on everyone’s lips and divides society, between psychosis and commitment, between compassion and fascist ideas. Because in the end, the comic book author is not well known, he could very well be a threat to the whole of society. Here is the new choral story of the unstoppable Fabcaro, between road-movie and news story, the author makes appear around his character on the run, all the important -and concerned- figures of the society (family, media, police, neighborhood…) and we remain speechless in front of this surge of improbable reactions or, on the contrary, too predictable.

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