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At Christmas, New York changes its face and spreads its magic throughout the city from the gigantic tree at Rockefeller Center. Magic is also inherent in all these works that have precisely known how to illustrate it.

Paul Auster, the writer sublimes New York

Our New York Christmas story begins at Paul Auster‘s home in Lower Manhattan, at 6 Varick Street, which is mentioned in the novel The Invention of Solitude, in which the author recalls his childhood. At the time he lived there, TriBeCa was still an industrial area. He changed his face in the late 1980s.

Miracle on 34th Street, THE Christmas movie

Then, head north on the subway, to exit directly in front of 295 5th Avenue, in order to follow the trail of the happy Buddy from the film Elfe. This is where we can see him take a decisive step towards Gimbel’s store, before getting hit by a taxi. Unharmed, he rushes into the mall where his Santa Claus elf costume does not go unnoticed. The building has been computer-modified to make it look like the real Gimbels. Present in several cities in the United States, this sign closed its doors in 1987. The original store appears in Miracle on 34th Street (1947).

Police Department – Fairytale of New York

Fairytale of New York. The most punk of Christmas songs. A song by the Pogues whose video clip was shot in front of the 23rd Precinct of the city. But it will take two years to record the song. Shane MacGowan’s stay in New York inspired him, especially the film Once Upon a Time in America and the music of maestro Ennio Morricone. In addition to the Washington Arch, the technical team and the group invests the commissary. In the video, actor Matt Dillon plays a police officer who arrested Shane. It must be said that Shane and Kirsty MacColl, the singer, are exchanging joyful things. Words that shocked the British conservatives. The BBC even censors the song. But it’s a big hit, one of the best-selling Christmas songs in the world. Every December since 2005, Fairytale of New York has entered the Top 75 singles chart in the UK.

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Macy’s, the Miracle Store on 34th Street

Macy's Department Store in New York City by Mike Strand (CC BY 3.0)
Macy’s Department Store in New York City by Mike Strand (CC BY 3.0)

At 151 West 34th Street, a few blocks from the police station, we find a classic, namely the wonderful The Miracle on 34th Street. Welcome to Macy’s.

Skating with the heroes of Glee

Bryant Park ice rink in the series Glee (Fox) - screenshot
Bryant Park ice rink in the series Glee (Fox) – screenshot

But let’s not dawdle, because the heroes of Glee are waiting for us at Bryant Park, a few blocks north for a little skating session. Because, yes, there’s more to New York than just the Rockefeller Center ice rink. Blaine (Darren Criss) surprises Kurt in episode 10 of season 4 by joining him at the Bryant Park rink to sing a duet, as they do every Christmas. The title is White Christmas, a classic American Christmas song. The skating rink is generally open from September to March and access is free.

Kevin McCallister, alone in New York

At Rockefeller Plaza, in front of the gorgeous Christmas tree, do like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone: Lost in New York and make a wish. A true tradition since 1931, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is one of the most famous in the United States. Every year, it is subject to a rigorous selection process in the forests of neighbouring states. It measures between 23 and 27 m and has more than 30,000 illuminations. Here we are at the heart of the magic of Christmas in New York City, a stone’s throw from the Helmsley Building, whose illuminated Christmas cross is mentioned by Douglas Kennedy in his book The Job.

But what would a holiday party in the Big Apple be without a walk in Central Park? starting with the Plaza, where young Kevin from Home Alone: Lost in New Yorkis staying in a luxurious room, cleverly using a Dictaphone and his father’s credit card, while outside, the park seems to vibrate to the rhythm of an infectious fervor.

Love Story, cult scene in Central Park

Central Park. Wollman Rink, New York, 2004 by Tomás Fano (Flickr)
Central Park. Wollman Rink, New York, 2004 by Tomás Fano (Flickr)

Contagious, maybe that’s the right word for the love disease felt in Love Story. Oliver Barrett IV (Ryan O’Neal) performs a skating demonstration for Jennifer Cavalieri (Ali McGraw) on the famous Central Park rink. A true New York institution since 1949, it is open to the public from October to April and then gives way to gardens.

The next item, Pine Bank Arch

Not too tired? So let’s finish our journey at The Carlyle Hotel, alongside Bill Murray, the hero of the classy, singing Christmas tale, A Very Murray Christmas? However, the actor was not able to view this movie on Netflix. During Jimmy Kimmel Live! he confessed that he does not subscribe to the streaming platform and does not know how to get it.

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By Damien Duarte

Friday, December 6, 2019

Passionné par la culture pop depuis son enfance, ses références vont de Donald Duck à Batman en passant par Marty McFly. Fantripper dans l'âme, voyager sur les traces de Ghostbusters, James Bond ou des héros de romans comme Cotton Malone fait partie d'un séjour idéal et réussi !

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