Captain Marvel: On the trail of the superhero in Los Angeles...


Captain Marvel: Los Angeles on the fly

Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, is a superhero who appeared in 1968 in the Marvel comics. Before 2012, however, she was officially called Miss Marvel. This one is far from being the only one with the title of Captain Marvel. Six characters from the House of Ideas have, before her, held this title since 1967, when Stan Lee and Gene Colan created Mar-Vell, a Kree army captain who came to spy on the Earth.

Performed by Brie Larson in the movies, the Captain Marvel we know offers herself, too, a stay on planet Earth and more precisely Los Angeles and its surroundings.

Examples of filming locations include Simi Valley. The city north of Los Angeles, for example, is home to the Blockbuster video store in which Captain Marvel passes through the roof. Blockbuster video now has only one store, located in Bend, Oregon. This one is the last of a long line of video clubs, a species that has completely disappeared today with the arrival of VOD and streaming platforms. A moving tribute.

Then, in a flashback sequence, Air Force Base Edwards appears as the workplace of the intrepid Carol Danvers. If this installation rings a bell, it’s probably because of memories from the Iron Man and Iron Man 2 movies. In the first, Tony Stark returns from his captivity in Afghanistan to this base and it is here that James Rhodes brings one of Stark’s armors to be modified by Justin Hammer in the second.

Los Angeles appears mainly during the subway scenes, in which Captain Marvel tries to stop a Skrull by any means possible. The heroine follows her enemy into the Douglas station, before fighting with him on a journey that takes them to the 7th Street / Metro Center station, a crowded place where the fearsome shapeshifter can blend in.

Later, during his stalking, Captain Marvel stumbles into a shopping mall on a biker making inappropriate remarks to him. She takes advantage of the opportunity to steal his motorcycle and leave for Pancho’s in Rosamond. If there is no pub there, the place does exist in this city of California.

Finally, during a flashback sequence – spoiler alert – the plane piloted by Carol Danvers, whose engine will give her all her powers, crashes at Shaver Lake, much further north of the City of Angels.

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By Anthony Thibault

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

From the "Casimir generation", Anthony has kept (in addition to a passion for Goldorak) a taste for inventive images, experimentation and curiosity. Passionate about travel and pop culture, he co-founded Fantrippers with Nicolas Albert to share his passion with as many people as possible.

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