Address Villa Sheherezade Ul. Vlaha Bukovca 2, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Luxurious villa near Dubrovnik, this magnificent construction has five luxurious suites with private bathrooms.

Available for rent, Villa Sheherezade is the subject of an enduring legend in the Dubrovnik region. It is said that it was built by a Lithuanian entrepreneur fleeing the Russian revolution in the 1920s. The latter would have built the house for his mistress Sheherazade, baptizing it in her honor at the same time. The reality is nevertheless more down to earth since the villa was born under the impulse of an American millionaire. It would also have housed the government under Tito. For a long time neglected, it has been renovated and shines again with a thousand lights. Occupying it costs 6,600 euros per day.

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