Address Université de Poitiers - Campus 95 Av. du Recteur Pineau, 86000 Poitiers, France

The University of Poitiers is one of the oldest universities in France, founded in 1431 by the will of King Charles VII.

With nearly 28,000 students in 2017, the University of Poitiers contributes to Poitiers being the city with the highest student/inhabitant ratio in France. The university has 6 sites located in downtown Poitiers, the Poitiers campus, the Futuroscope, Châtellerault, Niort and Angoulême.

The Poitiers campus is made up of 4 distinct areas, dividing the medical, economic, sports and engineering science poles.

Fun fact: University of Paris professors exiled to Poitiers following the Hundred Years War examined Joan of Arc to determine if she was telling the truth about her voices.

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