Address The Treasury Ma'an Governorate, Jordan

Named Khazneh or The Treasury, the building is a tomb whose facade is carved in sandstone.

Dating from the first century BC, it is nicknamed “Pharaoh’s treasure”. This funerary monument would be, according to the archaeologists, dedicated to the king Arétas IV, died in 40 after Jesus-Christ.

Its construction remains a mystery. The theory of a scaffolding is unlikely because wood was rare in this region. One hypothesis suggests that the structure was dug from horizontal tunnels raised from the roof to the floor, over a period of about five years.

Several bullet holes can be seen on the massive urn at the top of the building because the Bedouin who lived in the area thought it contained a valuable treasure and therefore tried to break through it.

Since 1985, the site is protected and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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