Address St. Paul's Cathedral St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD, UK

St Paul’s Cathedral is located in the City of London.

In the past, a dolmen stood on Ludgate Hill. A place of worship since time immemorial, it was later used as a Greek temple. The first church in England was built here in 604. In 1666, the Great Fire of London destroyed the cathedral at the top of the hill. Religious buildings built here have often been victims of fire or partial or total destruction. But each time, out of the ashes, ever more daring buildings were erected, as if to prove the powerful resilience of a people. The tumultuous history of St. Paul’s involved various reconstructions. The building as we know it today is the fifth. The result of the work of Sir Christopher Wren. It took 35 years to complete the work. Known for its impressive dome, the cathedral is spectacular wherever it is viewed from. Its immaculate white main façade with its two magnificent towers symbolises its grandeur. St Paul’s is a very important cathedral for Londoners and has come a long way. Although it was designed and built to avoid the same fate as all its predecessors, it was almost destroyed during the Second World War when the German army targeted it during the bombing. But this time, Saint-Paul stood firm and, because of its privileged geographical position, quickly became a symbol of resistance to oppression. It is therefore logical that popular culture has adopted it, contributing in many ways to the continuity of its history.

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