Address Pôle Média de la Belle de Mai 41 Rue Guibal, 13003 Marseille, France

Inaugurated in June 2004, this infrastructure for audiovisual and multimedia production is one of the largest in France.

The Belle de Mai media center covers 23,000 square meters and includes several equipped offices, technical and commercial spaces, as well as four film sets. The latter have been occupied since the beginning by the Studios de Marseille for the production of the TV show Plus belle la vie. This is where the Mistral district was built from scratch. The rest of the complex also includes the headquarters of some fifty companies, a national incubator dedicated to digital industries and a cluster devoted to image, multimedia and the Internet.

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Cult! TV shows (French Edition)

Omnipresent in the cultural landscape, TV shows are now considered as works of art in their own right, just like films. TV shows that are by turns comic or dramatic, frightening or spectacular, thrilling and inventive, whose scope has given new importance to sometimes unexpected places.

Did you know that Two cops in Miami participated in the renovation of Ocean Beach? Or that the sets of Peaky Blinders are open to the public all year round? From the story of the staging of the incredible crash to the beginning of Lost to the mystery surrounding the mansion where the filming of The Haunting of Hill Housethrough the secrets of the houses of Prince of Bel-Airof Malcolm or even of Stranger Thingsembark on an exciting world tour with some of TV’s biggest stars. Sit down at the table of Los Pollos Hermanos of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saulimmerse yourself in the chivalrous atmosphere of Game of Thrones, carry out the heist of the century alongside the team of La Casa de Papel and find the band of The Big Bang Theory at the Cheesecake Factory, before strolling down Wisteria Lane with the heroines of Desperate Housewives. Don’t forget to say hello to Dexter Morgan in Miami before taking a karate class at the Cobra Kai dojo and finally investigating alongside CSI in Las Vegas.

Produced by a team of pop-culture specialists and enhanced by numerous anecdotes, Cultes! TV shows tells the secrets of the places that have made the history of television fiction.

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