Address Ministry of Defence Whitehall, Westminster, London SW1A 2HB, UK

Built between 1938 and 1959, the neoclassical building houses the British Ministry of Defence, formerly the War Office.

The building is not to be confused with the Old War Office Building, located only a few meters away. The second is the former Ministry of Defence, also known as the “War Office”.

The first one is more recent, founded in the aftermath of the Second World War, in 1964 to be precise.

The building was built on the site of the former Whitehall Palace, residence of the English rulers from 1530 to 1698.

Sir Charles Wheeler designed the two sculptures “Earth” and “Water” which are located in front of the entrance of the building. They each weigh 40 tons and cost 12,600 pounds.

Previously known as Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson, after the civil servant Cyril Northcote Parkinson who designed the Parkinson’s Disease Act, they are now known by the affectionate nickname of “Two Fat Ladies”.

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