Address Castle Plassac Chateau de Plassac, 17240 Plassac, France

Built in the 18th century, the castle Plassac is located in the commune of the same name in Charente-Maritime.

Located on the site of an ancient fortress, the building has been expanded several times over the years to meet the requirements of its successive owners. Known to have housed Rommel’s staff in 1940, at the beginning of the Second World War, it consists of a high pavilion with broken roofs framed by two wings each ending in a triangular pediment. Its courtyard is surrounded by 18th century stables. Its park, also remarkable, is bordered by walls with four round towers and three large doors. This part is also classified as a historical monument.

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Cult! movies: 100 mythical places of cinema [French Edition]

Since the dawn of cinema, films have invaded the world and highlighted sometimes unexpected places. Every film location has its secrets. The latter are sometimes as exciting as the feature films themselves.

Did you know that the cemetery where the final duel of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was built from scratch and that no body lies there? Or that the bus ofInto The Wild has been moved to discourage fans from spending the night there? From the story of the construction of The Bridge on the River Kwai to the incredible encounter during the shooting of the last scene ofIndiana Jones and the Last Crusadeembark on an exciting world tour with the greatest stars of the seventh art. Shiver in the real haunted house ofAmityville and discover the terrifying anecdotes of the making ofApocalypse Now in the Philippines. Visit the building of Blade Runner before stopping at Hogwarts and finally landing in Jurassic Parkin the middle of the Hawaiian archipelago. What if we also took you behind the scenes of the making of the Hobbits’ village of Lord of the Rings ?

Produced by a team of pop-culture specialists and enhanced by numerous anecdotes, Cult! movies tells the secrets of the places that made the history of cinema.

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