Address Brimborn Steel Works East Point, GA 30344, USA

This former steelworks is now closed to the public. It is mainly known for having housed the lair of the Mind Flayer in the Stranger Things series.

Located in East Point, very close to the John D. Milner Athletic Complex, this industrial wasteland is not far from the city center. Overgrown with brush, it appears in the credits of the series Stranger Things but is not open to the public. No activity has been carried out there for many years and the site, awaiting conversion, is abandoned.

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Attack of the Mind Flayer - Stranger Things jeu de cartes (French Edition)

Experience the unique atmosphere of the worldwide hit series! In this fast-paced, innovative and surprising bluffing game, you face the terrible Mind Flayer. This evil entity is trying to penetrate our world and some players are already under its spell!

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