Address Baptistère Saint-Jean Grand Poitiers FR, Rue Jean-Jaurès, 86000 Poitiers, France

Le baptistère Saint-Jean is one of the oldest baptisteries in the Christian West.

Classified as a historical monument since 1846, this Christian building would have been built in the second half of the 4th century or the beginning of the 5th century.

Over the centuries, it has undergone numerous modifications. It was bought by the French State during the French Revolution. In 1883, the Ministry of Fine Arts gave the use of it to the city of Poitiers to make it a museum.

Its rectangular room with three apses is of historical importance for understanding Merovingian architecture. All the walls were covered with frescoes but many have disappeared over the years. Some of them are dated from the 12th and 13th centuries. These are priceless treasures.

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