Address Alignements de Carnac LIeu-dit le Ménec, 56340 Carnac, France

Not everything has an explanation. This is the case for the Alignements de Carnac, an exceptional and mysterious megalithic formation.

Erected around 4500 BC, more than 4000 stones are raised and form this strange alignment. It is very likely that the site has sheltered many more rocks, which have been developed by our ancestors and used with impunity in this curious reserve.

Since 1889, the menhirs of Alignements de Carnac have been protected as historical monuments and since 1996 they have been included on the UNESCO tentative list in view of a candidacy for World Heritage listing.

Today, scientists are still wondering about this incredible site. Prehistoric temple, seismic instruments, map of the stars, the hypotheses go well. A mystery to put in the right way.

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