Address 8217 Lookout Mountain Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA

Located in the center of Laurel Canyon, in the heights of Los Angeles, this home at 8217 Lookout Mountain Ave was home to one of rock’s most iconic idylls.

It was in 1968 that folk singer Joni Mitchell fell madly in love with this small wooden cottage lost in the vegetation of the Hollywood hills. Without really hesitating, she bought it for $36,000. Plunged in a permanent emulation, the modest house is located just behind the home of the illustrious Frank Zappa.

In 1969, a fire broke out next door and destroyed the home of the blues band Canned Heat. Miraculously, Joni Mitchell’s cabin was spared. And if the musician no longer lives there today, the title deed is still in her name.

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