Address 3828 Piermont Dr NE Albuquerque, NM 87111, USA

This charming house, built in the purest American style, hides a beautiful yard with a swimming pool.

With its spacious driveway, designed to accommodate two cars, its three bedrooms, its living/dining room and its kitchen, this residence does not seem to have anything extraordinary. Yet today, it is one of the most visited homes in Albuquerque. A popularity gained thanks to the series Breaking Bad, filmed on the spot, which the owners no longer find to their liking. Recently equipped with a high fence to discourage the curious, Walter White’s house is one of the celebrities of the state. Located in the Loma del Rey neighborhood, east of the city’s downtown core, it is only a few miles from the Cibola National Forest.

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The Breaking Bad RV

The Breaking Bad RV

First of all, drugs are wrong. But the Breaking Bad RV, that’s cool. The famous meth lab of the no less hallucinatory series may not hold many barrels, but still, it’s full of it.

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