Address 2 Bd Pont Achard 86000 Poitiers, France

Put into service in 1851, the Paris-Austerlitz / Bordeaux Saint-Jean line needed a station to welcome passengers in Poitiers. It was built at 2 bd Pont-Achard.

With an average of 3.2 million passengers per year, the Poitiers station is an essential link in the Atlantic arc. Commissioned in 1851, it provides a 1 hour 15 minute connection between Paris and Bordeaux via the LGV. It also serves the station of La Rochelle.

Electrified in 1938, it was bombed by the allied forces in 1944. It was then rebuilt after the Second World War.

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Gamma Draconis de Benoist Simmat et Eldo Yoshimizu (crédit : Le lézard noir)

Gamma Draconis

Aiko Moriyama studied religious art at the Sorbonne, but her research in occultism quickly led her down a dangerous path. When several experts around her come under attack from a mysterious entity rising from the depths of the web, she finds herself embroiled in a police investigation involving the sinister leader of an international organization. From London to Tokyo, between transhumanism and black magic, Aiko is determined to solve the enigma of Gamma Draconis and to discover how exactly her family is involved…

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