6 filming locations of the movie The Wannabes

🎵Bientôt je serai chanteur🎵.Direction Charente-Maritime to discover six filming locations of the new Palmashow comedy: The Wannabes.
Article Les Vedettes

Follow in the footsteps of Simply Dan and his colleague Stephane in their search for fame.

In need of money, Daniel and Stéphane participate in the Prix à tout prix to win a large sum of money. It is then that the world discovers Daniel’s singing talents, a future star.

Stéphane’s house

Stéphane Chevalier (David Marsais) lives in this house, in the heart of a residential area. He directed the video clip of Besoin de chanter of Simplement Dan (Grégoire Ludig). The residential area of Les Prés du Roy is located in the commune of Les Bréviaires in the Yvelines department. For the outdoor scenes, on the front side, they used the house at 6 rue des Prés du Roy, as opposed to the scenes using the garden behind the house at number 3 on the same street. This is the one right across the street.

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106 PROD TV studio

Daniel (Grégoire Ludig) and Stéphane (David Marsais) go to the TV studio 106 prod to pass the casting of “Prix à tout prix”. In fact, the film crew set up shop at the Espace Encan in La Rochelle to install the sets for the shows. With its 3000 m2 modular hall, its 800-seat amphitheater and its 10 committee rooms, the Encan space is a privileged place for many exhibitors. If the candidates of the “Prix à tout prix” win the showcase, they win 100 000 €. A nice amount of money motivating Daniel to participate to pay back his debts.

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Notary agency

Daniel (Grégoire Ludig) and his sister Léa (Alexandra Gentil) have an appointment with the notary regarding their parents’ house. In order for Daniel to continue to live in the house, he must pay a substantial amount of money to his sister to buy back her share. The notary’s office is located in the premises of Cerealog. Located in the small commercial area of the Espace Encan, Cerealog is a computer company specialized in solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Five years separate La Folle Histoire de Max et Léon, their first film, with their second film Les Vedettes.

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Karaoke Restaurant

Daniel (Grégoire Ludig) is a failed singer. He regularly goes to a karaoke restaurant in an “American diner” style. It is in fact the Memphis in the Beaulieu commercial zone in Puilboreau, at the entrance to La Rochelle. Memphis is a chain of franchised restaurants created in 2009. It recreates the typical atmosphere of American diners, both in the settings and the musical atmosphere. Jonathan Barré wanted to reproduce the style “Kervern and Delépine version pop!” in his direction: “For example, I wanted to make the karaoke and the BIA happy spaces”.

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Univers Tech Store

Daniel (Grégoire Ludig) and Stéphane (David Marsais) both work in the Univers Tech store. In reality, the store is located in the Darty store in Niort, more precisely in the commercial zone of Terre de Sport. The zone is arranged by respecting the environmental qualities of the place. Three water recovery basins are installed with 7400 trees. Originally, the idea for the film was based on the robbery of a shopping mall by the local merchants. A pitch very similar to the movie Le Grand Bazarby Claude Zidi.

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Vieux-Port of La Rochelle

Alex Martini, River Brigade is a series starring Fred Costa (Damien Gillard), whose action takes place in the Vieux-Port of La Rochelle. The Vieux-Port is without a doubt the most touristic part of the city. Every year it attracts thousands of walkers as well as several cultural and sporting events. The Palmashow loves to parody, whether in their sketches, or in the movies with this parody of Léo Matteï, Brigade des mineurs, a French series also starring game show host Jean-Luc Reichmann.

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