5 places that became cult thanks to a TV series

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We all have a TV show that speaks to us. Whether it's Breaking Bad, Starsky and Hutch or even Plus belle la vie, these series have left their mark forever. Here is a selection of 5 of them.

Cult! series, 100 mythical places of series

Omnipresent in the cultural landscape, series are now considered as works of art in their own right, on a par with films. Series, by turns, comic or dramatic, frightening or spectacular, thrilling and inventive, whose scope has given new importance to sometimes unexpected places.

Bay City Police Station – Starsky and Hutch

In front of the San Pedro Municipal Building, visitors expect to hear the screeching of tires from a dapper red Ford Gran Torino. In the famous series Starsky and Hutch, the building lends its features to the 9th Precinct of Bay City, the police station of the two policemen. Built in 1928, the municipal building of San Pedro in the Beaux-Arts style is classified since 2002 as a historic monument. The first season used the façade of the Long Beach police station, but due to the fame of the show, the producers decided to relocate the filming to the San Pedro Municipal Building.

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House of Banks – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will Smith, a boy from the inner city of Philadelphia, comes knocking on the door of his aunt and uncle in the Brentwood neighborhood. The Banks family lives behind the gate at 251 N Bristol Avenue in Los Angeles. This 600-square-meter luxury colonial mansion embodies the glamour of Brentwood Park at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has hosted some 40 celebrities during its six seasons, including Richard Roundtree, Quincy Jones, Naomi Campbell, B.B. King and Tom Jones.

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Le Mistral – Plus belle la vie

The production team does not plan to shoot Plus belle la vie in Marseille, preferring to set up in the Belle de Mai media center. The brand new complex offers the possibility to build life-size sets. This is when the Mistral comes to life. A district inspired by the Panier, imagined and designed by Michel Blaise, on a space of 1,100m2. Inaugurated in June 2004, this infrastructure for audiovisual and multimedia production is one of the largest in France. Plus belle la vie is the first French series to have reached the milestone of the thousandth episode on July 11, 2008.

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Winterfell – Game of Thrones

Winterfell is the stronghold of the Stark family. As one of the most powerful families in the Seven Crowns, she was obliged to live in a castle at their height. It has its roots in the Castle Ward in Strangford. An 18th century building owned by the National Trust, Castle Ward overlooks the beautiful Strangford Lough. Castle Ward is used several times for close-up shots. All the sequences taking place in the courtyard are filmed here. Nevertheless, the various directors also operate the Doune Castle in Scotland.

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House of White – Breaking Bad

If many scenes are filmed in studio, in sets built from scratch in Albuquerque, the house at 3828 Piermont Drive is also used for interior and especially exterior shots. Recently outfitted with a high fence to discourage the curious, the home of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is one of the state’s celebrities. It wasn’t long before Joanne Quintanane’s house became one of the most visited places for show aficionados. Nevertheless, the situation really degenerates when Walter White throws a pizza on the roof of his garage.

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