10 filming locations to see within 100 kilometres of Lyon

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The coronavirus has prompted authorities to restrict travel within 100 kilometres of his home. For the inhabitants of Lyon, what are the filming locations to be seen in this area?
Reality/Fiction shooting locations within 100 km of Lyon

Lyon, the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, has a very rich and diverse territory, whether culturally, historically or geographically. This particularity attracts directors from all walks of life.

1. Kaamelott – Kaamelott

Chateau de Montmelas – Credit: PHILDIC on wikimedia commons

Several episodes of Kaamelott use the castle of Montmelas as a setting for filming, notably in Book III when Leodagan has a ballista built in the courtyard of the castle, far too big to go through the door. Built in the 12th century, this former fortified castle has been listed as a historical monument since June 2000. It is possible to visit it especially during the summer holidays. If so many episodes are filmed in Lyon and its surroundings, it’s no coincidence. Alexandre Astier is originally from the city of the two hills.

Address : Château de Montmelas, 69640 Montmelas-Saint-Sorlin

2. The castle of Vaulserre – The Horseman on the roof

Vaulserre Castle - Wikimedia Commons photo by Jean-Paul Corlin
Vaulserre Castle – Wikimedia Commons photo by Jean-Paul Corlin

Several scenes in the film were shot in this castle. A former 18th century fortified house, the building has been classified as a historical monument since 1984. With a budget of 176 million francs, or 26 million euros, the film was, at its time, the most expensive in French cinema.

Address : Route de la Mairie, 38480 Saint-Albin-de-Vaulserre

3. Route départementale 936 – Le Gendarme en balade

The former gendarmes decide to get together. They leave Cruchot’s residence (Louis de Funès) to go and look for Fougasse (Jean Lefebvre) who has become amnesic. On the road, the Compères pass notably by the National Highway 436, 2.7 km from Trévoux and 27 km from Lyon. This former national road was downgraded to departmental road, number 936, following the 1972 reform. For this opus, Jean Lefebvre and Louis de Funès were in conflict. The former accused the latter of having cut some of his scenes from The Gendarme Gets Married. Following this dispute, Jean Lefebvre made one last appearance in this part, before giving up the sequels.

Address : Near Trévoux (01600)

4. Louise’s residence – Maigret

Avenue de l'Europe - Google Street View
Avenue de l’Europe – Google Street View

Behind the bar of a housing project on the Avenue de l’Europe, Maigret (Bruno Cremer) comes to find Louise (Lara Guirao) on the ground floor. In the past, the town of Saint-Rambert-en-Bugey was nicknamed “the Venice of Bugey” because of its canal running through the town and its enormous fountains. In the 1960s, numerous redevelopment works covered the river and destroyed the buildings.

Address : Avenue de l’Europe, 01230 Saint-Rambert-en-Bugey

5. Hair salon (closed) – Going Places

Marie-Ange (Miou-Miou) works in a hairdressing salon at 26 rue de Biberach. Often referred to as the “Gateway to the South of France”, Valence was founded in 121 B.C. after the Roman invasion of Gaul. The city, at the crossroads of Roman roads, quickly grew in importance. Gérard Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere formed an infernal duo on the set. Bertrand Blier said that his actors started brawls everywhere and sometimes disappeared for several days.

Address : 26 rue de Biberach, 26000 Valence

6. Pérouges – Angélique

Pérouges - Photo Wikimedia Commons by Marilou Perino
Pérouges – Photo Wikimedia Commons by Marilou Perino

A fortified medieval village, Pérouges was used as a location for outdoor scenes of Angélique. With the absence of visible electric wires, its 15th and 16th century houses, its narrow streets with uneven pebbles and its fortress church, Pérouges seems frozen in time, a real godsend for the film directors of the time. Different versions of The Three Musketeers, Monsieur Vincent, Mandrin, The Hour of the Pig… were filmed there. Numerous cameras have already taken over the city, often involving the inhabitants as extras. If their love appears sincere on the screen, Michèle Mercier and Robert Hossein were actually on bad terms. The actress reminded him during an interview at Le Parisien in 2012: “I helped him several times but he never returned the favour. Worse, he was one of the first to push me down. When he staged ‘Angélique’ in the theatre, I discovered it on a Morris column”.

Address : 01800 Pérouges

7. Quai Saint-Vincent – Mississippi Mermaid

Quai Saint-Vincent - Mississippi Mermaid
Quai Saint-Vincent – Mississippi Mermaid

Louis (Jean-Paul Belmondo) makes his way to his rendezvous and crosses the Quai Saint-Vincent. In the early 1930s, these landscaped shorelines were occupied by swimmers. The mayor at the time conducted an opinion poll following requests from the League for the Raising of Public Morals, which was opposed to seeing these women in bikinis on these shores. The investigation concluded that the swimmers appeared to be “sufficiently dressed to ensure that their exercises did not offend public morals”.

Address : 8 Quai Saint-Vincent, 69000 Lyon

8. Quartier Saint-Jean – By the Pricking of My Thumbs

Several scenes of this detective comedy were filmed in this neighbourhood. Named after its Gothic cathedral, the Saint-Jean district is the most touristy district of Lyon. Although it is classified as a World Heritage Site, the environment has not always been very welcoming. In the 1950s, the place was even unfamiliar and dangerous. Mayor Louis Pradel even wanted to raze it to the ground in order to build an expressway. A project significantly reminiscent of Judge DeMort’s project in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Address : Quartier Saint-Jean, 69000 Lyon

9. Library – The Crimson Rivers

Grenoble Museum-Library - Photo Wikimedia Commons by Milky
Grenoble Museum-Library – Photo Wikimedia Commons by Milky

The scenes in the library of the University of Guernon were actually shot at the museum-library in Grenoble. Inaugurated in 1876, the building housed the municipal library until 1970. Since 2004, the site has housed an information area as well as municipal exhibitions. The film was adapted from the eponymous novel by Jean-Christophe Grangé. Following the success of the feature film, a series is currently in production, adapted by the author.

Address : 9 Place de Verdun, 38000 Grenoble

10. Restaurant Troisgros Le Bois sans feuilles – Happiness is in the field

Restaurant Troisgros Le Bois sans feuilles - Photo Wikimedia Commons by Troisgros fanny
Restaurant Troisgros Le Bois sans feuilles – Photo Wikimedia Commons by Troisgros fanny

Francis (Michel Serrault) and Gérard (Eddy Mitchell) stop at this restaurant for lunch. In the heart of the countryside, the 3-star Grande Maison des Troisgros offers refined cuisine. Since 1930, the family of cooks has been delighting its customers and reviving its traditions for four generations. In the film, the character of Gérard takes his friend Francis everywhere, especially in the Gers. However, Eddy Mitchell didn’t have his driver’s license. He was too near-sighted to get it. A special car was designed, with a stunt driver hidden in the engine compartment.

Address : 728 Route de Villerest, 42155 Ouches

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