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How to create a fanspot ?

A fanspot is the geo-localization of a work from an address.

Choose “ Add a fanspot ” in the top menu. Enter the real address of the location that you wish to create then validate it with the button “ Link a work to this address “. Then select the work with the Fantrippers tool and validate your Fanspot after having completed the description fields and its done ! Thanks, with your help, the community can follow the tracks of new heroes. 

How to add a fanspot to an existing address ?

Other works talk about an address that’s already on Fantrippers ? It’s very simple, on the Address page, a tool allows you to “ Add a new fanspot at this address “. You then just have to follow the typical steps of the creation of a fanspot described above. 

How to add a picture on a fanspot ?

You can easily share your fanspot pictures with all Fantrippers : on the fanspot page, in the section “ Pictures taken on this fanspot “ you just have to click on “ Add a picture “ and download your own. Users will be able to like it and the most popular picture will become the cover picture for this fanspot. 

How to add a screenshot on a fanspot ?

From the fanspot page, in the section “ We see this fanspot in these scenes “, you just have to click on “ Add a scene “ and download your screenshot and mention the time-code of this location in the work. If it’s a TV show, you can specify the season and the episode. Thank you a lot, it’s so much better to be able to compare the real location with the work in which it appears. 

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