Did you know that a scene from Indiana Jones was filmed in La Rochelle? That most places mentioned by Stephen King in his novels are located in Maine (United States) ? That the castle of Winterfell in the TV show Game of Thrones is also the one from Monty Python’s  movie, Holy Grail ? That Michael Jackson’s legendary music video Bad was shooted in a New York subway station used each day by millions of people ? 

Passionate about pop culture and travel, we noticed that there was no database compiling all fictional locations mentioned in different types of works, that have impacted several generations of readers, of listeners, of viewers. 

At a time when tourism is becoming each year more important and many people visit places that appear in fictions that have particularly impacted them (set-jetting) during their travels, we wished to create a tool accessible to all to facilitate their searches. 

Fantrippers is a web and mobile application that identifies worldwide, in French and in English, locations mentioned in movies, TV shows, novels, comics and music.

Fantrippers includes a free website (and an upcoming mobile app) designed for a French and English speaking community of fans and travelers creating and enriching a database (geo-localization of places, information about these places etc.) to share it with as many people as possible.

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