The Wall and Castle Black

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Poitiers, 40 years
What is more striking about Westeros than its gigantic Ice Wall, which has been separating men from forgotten dangers for 8000 years? And where can we find this Wall? In Northern Ireland. The abandoned Magheramorne quarry was converted into a film studio for Game of Thrones. The Wall, Castle Black (home to the Lord Commander and the Night’s Watch), but also Hardhome (season 5 episode 8) were shooted here. The setting is breathtaking : a major part of Castle Black was recreated. Recall the impressive long shot in the courtyard during the battle against the Wildlings (season 4 episode 9) but also all the scenes in the rookery, the dining hall and the shacks. The base of the Ice Wall is also visible, as it’s in fact the stone wall left by the quarry, against which a medieval elevator that actually works was built.

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