Paris : 10 movie locations to see in the 3rd arrondissement

Of all the Parisian arrondissements, the 3rd is one of least filmed areas. Yet, this historical quarter is very picturesque. Here is a selection of 10 places to see in this famous Marais arrondissement.

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Lambert's apartment (Tchao Pantin)

Rue Charlot is home to a lot of superb private mansions.  The cameras of Tchao Pantin have immortalised the building at number 35.  Here you’ll find the apartment of Lambert, played by Coluche, a former cop become gas station attendant.


22 rue Debelleyme (Tendre Poulet)

On the site of 22 Rue Debelleyme, there was a pharmacy on the corner.  It’s at this street angle that the film Tendre Poulet begins with the scene where Annie Girardot hits Philippe Noiret with her car.  Today, there is no longer a pharmacy, but the front of the current store may remind you of the former dispensary.


L’Hôtel de Rohan (Papy fait de la résistance)

Right in the heart of the Marais district, the Rue Vieille du Temple is situated on the old road leading, since 1250, to the Temple and its tower!   At number 87 on this street is the magnificent Hôtel de Rohan (no, not the kingdom allied with Gondor of Middle Earth).  It’s in this residence that some of the National Archives are conserved!  We can see it quite well in Papy fait de la Résistance.


National Archives Museum (Papy fait de la résistance)

Heads on one side, tails on the other!  At number 60 rue des Francs Bourgeois, you’ll find the other side of the Hôtel Rohan, and thus the National Archive museum which served as the setting for the Kommandantur in the same film, Papy fait de la résistance.


Hôtel d’Hozier (Trois hommes et un couffin)

Let’s continue our journey on the Rue Vieille du Temple and go to number 110!  You’ll find yourself in front of the Hôtel d’Hozier. Built in 1623, this residence has a magnificent red door sculpted by Antoine Fauquière.  This residence appears in 3 hommes et un couffin.


Hairdressing Salon of Guy Hubert (Papy fait de la résistance)

Another location from Papy fait de la RésistanceJean-Marie Poiré obviously appreciated the 3rd arrondissement.  This time at number 7 Rue de Bearn you’ll find the Café Chinois (Chinese Café).  But in this 1983 movie, the storefront was the setting for Guy Hubert’s hairdressing salon.


Rue des vertus (Un idiot à Paris)

This partially pedestrian street is so named after the theological virtues of the famous Temple which is often cited in the history of the arrondissement.  Before, this road was known for rent-by-the-week residences.  Now, it doesn’t seem to be of much interest in the eyes of the world but was, all the same, immortalised in the movie Un idiot à Paris.


Restaurant 404 (Chefs)

At the end of this street you’ll find the Rue des Gravilliers. At number 69, a season 2 episode of Chefs was shot here. In reality, you’ll see Restaurant 404, featuring authentic Berber cuisine.


CNAM (Centre Nationale des Arts et Métiers*) (La Mémoire dans la peau)

 We’re off to the CNAM!  Be reassured though, it’s not to go back to school, but to discover another fanspot.  In fact, 292 rue Saint-Martin was used as the décor for a scene in the movie The Bourne Identity with Matt Damon

*The CNAM is a training center for various artists and tradespeople.

The clown de la république costume shop (The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain)

We’ve already introduced you to this shop but we can’t resist taking you there again.  It’s the costume shop we can see in The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain, when Amélie is looking for something to dress up in for the photo booth.


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