Paris : 10 movie locations to see in the 2nd arrondissement

Continuing our tour of the Parisian arrondissements, here is a selection of movie locations to see in the 2nd arrondissement. It was when Paris expanded over the 15th and 16th centuries that the 2nd arrondissement appeared. Nicknamed the arrondissement of the bourse (Stock Exchange), it includes financial market authority buildings and the former Stock Exchange headquarters. As for films, here is our pick.

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4 Rue Vide Gousset

The name of this street may seem a little atypical as does its origin.  Because this road was outside the Charles V enclosure and thus isolated, there were many robberies and hence the name of the street: vide meaning to empty, and bourse, a type of pouch for coins.  In movies, we see it in The Tourist, as it’s the address of Elise’s apartment.

Rue des Petits Pères

The origin of this street comes from its location.  Contiguous to the Augustinian monastery whose nickname was the Petits-Pères, the street name followed suit.  Other than this urban detail, it mainly appears in Paris, Je t’aime (18 short films about the capital).

1 rue de la Banque

In the film Les Emotifs Anonymes, the specialty food store Legrand Filles et Fils  is on this street.  If you go here, you’ll find the Legrand wine cellars!  5 generations have followed each other to share their passion for wine and gourmet products.

25 boulevard Poissonnière

There are many interesting buildings on this boulevard such as the great Rex or even the Montholon hotel.  At number 25, you’ll see the shooting location for a scene from Le Père Noël Est Une Ordure.

28 place de la Bourse

As we mentioned above, the 2nd arrondissement contains the Bourse building (stock exchange).  On this square, at number 28, you’ll find the decor for La Banquière, Le Sucre, or even Les Grandes Familles.

29 rue Vivienne

This address was originally a theatre called the Nouveautés.  Then it was the Opéra Comique and next the Vaudeville theatre to finally become… the Brasserie Vaudeville.   So, the perfect place to film an icon of theatre, cinema and comedy, Louis de Funès, in Pouic-Pouic!

10 rue Saint Marc

At this address you’ll come across the Passage des Panoramas indoor gallery.  Listed as a historical monument, it is one of the first covered shopping galleries in Europe.  It mainly appears in 36 Quai des Orfèvres by Olivier Marchal.

230 rue Saint Denis

Rue St Denis is one of the oldest streets in Paris, dating from the 1st century!  It got its name because it leads directly to St Denis, where the necropolis for the kings of France is situated!  At number 230 you’ll discover the Lemoine indoor gallery, 104 meters long and visible in From Paris With Love!


119 boulevard de Sébastopol

And while you’re in the gallery, may as well go to the end and you’ll come out on…Boulevard Sebastopol.  Look for number 119, and you’ll come upon a very well-known clothes manufacturer, visible in La Verité si je Mens!  Not far from 119, at number 103, a lot of renovation work was done in 2015.  They unearthed 8 common graves with no less than 200 skeletons!

33 rue d’Alexandrie

The rue Alexandrie is also part of the décor for La Verité si je Mens!  It’s the address of Rafi Stylmod’s (Elie Kakou) store!  Unfortunately,   it’s the only vestige of this film’s cult store.

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